Frequently Asked Questions

At Perceptions 360 there are several general guidelines of how we conduct sessions or programs.

Please go through our FAQs about personal consultation and corporate training for more information.

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Personal Consultation

How do I know which modules or package to choose?
It all depends upon your individual need. We will conduct a full needs analysis with you based on your roles, goals and requirements. Accordingly we will suggest the appropriate modules or package in discussion with you in terms of image, soft skills or a combination of both.
How long does personal consultation take?
Based on your requirements we have a full range of options suitable for your time and your budget. Each topic takes approximately 2 hours and there are over 15 topics to choose from.
What is the methodology used in the personal consultation sessions?
A variety of consulting methods are used including interactive discussions, graph work and analysis, powerpoint presentations, practical application, videos and reading and discussing articles.
Which topics have a practical component?
Personal Shopping and Dining Etiquette both have a separate session where our consultant will go with you to the mall or a restaurant respectively. The number of hours depends upon requirements.

Corporate Training

How do we know which training program to choose?
We conduct a full needs analysis based on which we will be able to identify clear development areas together in discussion with you.
Can the courses be customised for my organisation?
Yes. All of our corporate programs can be tailored to suit your organization’s specific requirements.
What are the program schedules?
Our sessions run for a minimum of 2 hours per topic and they can be extended depending on the level of detail that you need. Sessions can be run from once a month to 2 hours per week to 8 hours per week to every day – we are very flexible and can work with your schedule and availability.
Who are your trainers?

Our senior consultant Dipti Divekar will be overseeing and running the programs. For larger programs we have a network of trainers and consultants that we collaborate with, therefore we are able to provide for an extensive program if required. It is possible to retain trainers and consultants across India and globally with this network.

What language is the training in?
All programs are held in English. However, if another language is preferred then we will do our best to find you a suitable consultant accordingly.
What is the methodology used in corporate training?
A variety of training methods are used including interactive discussions, powerpoint presentations, activities, questionnaires, role plays, case studies, games and videos.
Do you offer on-site training?
Yes. All of our programs may be conducted at your facility, except for the Dining Etiquette practical session which should be conducted at a restaurant.
Do you offer off-site training?
Yes. Based on requirements arrangements can be made for off-site training.