business Communication &

Public  Speaking


  • Verbal and nonverbal behaviours, beliefs, emotions and goals
  • Build long-term, successful relationships
  • Share opinions effectively and learn how to say No
  • Handle negative or difficult situations
  • The art of active listening

presentation skills

  • Central idea and storyline 
  • Content, structure and flow
  • Introductions, transitions and conclusions
  • Language and vocabulary, power words and phrases
  • Visual aids 

body language and stage presence

  • Postures, gestures and use of stage
  • Conversationlising, virtual space and audience timelines

voice modulation

  • Pausing and pace
  • Tone and emphasis
  • Volume and projection

professional email writing

  • Content, structure and flow
  • Etiquette, punctuation and vocabulary
  • Commitment, clarity and conciseness