Communication and Public Speaking

Verbal and vocal communication skills are absolutely irreplaceable. These modules help you to be more aware of the subject and enhance your personal communication skills by learning techniques in a very practical manner.


Dipti Divekar is a vibrant, client-driven training and coaching professional in the field of Communication. She is known for her exceptional ability to deliver eye-opening, highly interactive, and fun learning experiences for her clients that surpass their highest expectations.


Her 15 years of experience in living and working across 3 continents enable her to fully understand and prepare her clients in enhancing the power of their perception through communication. Her goal is to achieve an extensive transformation of her clients in terms of their confidence and competence in their work and personal lives.






Transactional Analysis


Listening Skills 


Voice Modulation


Public Speaking and Presentation Skills


Body Language

The sessions can be conducted as:


Online Sessions 

Corporate Programs


Personal Consultations


Group Workshops