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The way you project yourself to others and understand them, no matter where you are, can make the difference between success and failure in negotiations, teamwork, and leadership. 

Perceptions 360 is all about building your personal brand and sharpening your mental and professional toolset to stand out from the crowd and get the job done.


Reaching Your Professional Goals Is Our Business.


Focus Areas

leadership &

Cultural Diversity

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We transform you by elevating your internal and external persona to help you achieve your goals.

Coaching Modes

Corporate programs

Companies spend a lot of time, energy, and money to build a good image. However, it can take just a small mistake to damage a carefully built reputation. Your employees are your company in the eyes of your customers and partners.

Corporate programs are tailored to your requirements in the form of workshops and seminars – on/off site. They are conducted in groups of minimum five and maximum twenty participants to enable quality interactions and discussions as well as sufficient personal attention.

Personal consultations

One on one sessions are provided for highly tailored, in-depth coaching solely dedicated to your success. We empower you with the concepts and techniques necessary to enable you to apply them throughout the various phases of your life. Your commitment to invest in yourself will allow you to find your ultimate self-confidence and the motivation to overcome difficulties. Step out of your comfort zone in a supportive and safe environment.

Group workshops

We are happy to run customised group workshops for your family, friends, teenagers and community.

Virtual Sessions

Issues regarding tight schedules and travel restrictions are solved through our flexible online sessions from the comfort of your own home. Choose from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Webex and Skype for an immersive learning experience.


What is the training methodology?

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are created based on your Needs Analysis and are complied with throughout the training.

A variety of methods and tools are used including interactive discussions, presentations, activities, questionnaires, role plays, case studies, games and videos. 

Implementation of concepts is the ultimate goal. Therefore, participants can expect to conduct observation and analysis tasks, as well as research and complete assignments, in their own time between sessions.

Evaluation consists of task-based activities, quizzes, formal assessments and final reports, according to requirements.

Who are the trainers?

Dipti Divekar will create, oversee and deliver all programs. For extensive programs we have a network of trainers and consultants with whom we collaborate.

All programs are conducted in English. However, if another language is preferred then we will do our best to find suitable consultants accordingly.

What are the training frequencies / schedules?

Sessions run for a minimum of one hour per topic to a maximum of eight hours for some topics.

Frequency ranges from once a month to everyday – we do our best to work with your schedule.

How much does the training cost?

How much do you think it would cost you, in the long run, without it?

Pricing can be worked out either by the hour, session, month or program. Please connect with us for a Needs Analysis and quote.


Dipti is amazing at her work. She custom built the contents of the program “Strengthen Your Professional Image” for our top, senior and middle management team, and in two separate groups, trained 40 managers over three months within two years. Her presentation and delivery are excellent, and her dedication was obvious when she arrived for a four hour session running a fever. She did not hesitate to repeat content if needed. A visible improvement in our managers confidence and behaviour showed that we got the desired results. 

rajiv sahay, former md – mecc alte india

Dipti has continued to be extremely patient, loyal, and passionate about her training to our people across the company to groom them for a better career path since the very beginning of the course. She provides endless support and advice and we found her to be extrememly professional and a woman of integrity. Her persistence in mentoring and coaching into becoming a better human being is exceptional. We give our heartfelt thanks to her and know that she is no doubt a woman of knowledge and one of the very best in this field.

niranjan kirloskar, managing director – fleetguard filters pvt. ltd.

Perceptions 360 is the perfect place to groom yourself for dressing, professional etiquette and communication. Dipti Divekar is an expert in the image consultancy field and she really understands individual’s needs and customizes the content of each module as per requirement, which is the most important aspect and ensure quality change in you. Her recommendations are very appropriate and result oriented. When you go for other such course, after 2-3 sessions, you might feel bored. But this course is completely different and entire credit goes to Dipti to make each session very much interesting yet keeping it disciplined and thorough professional. Like I experienced high quality coaching, I definitely recommend Dipti Divekar at Perceptions 360 to everyone who would like to see a better change in their image and personality.

mahesh thorat, assistant vice president – barclays

Precise information was delivered, i.e. customised for the group, so in short duration important aspects were covered. Dipti was very knowledgable, the instruction was very good and there was lots of participation and interaction.

sanjay kulkarni, DGM Materials – fleetguard filters pvt. ltd.

The training skills of the trainer was the best part of the program. We should give more time for such kind of training.

M. srivastav, Fig – fiserv

Perceptions 360 has been of great help in personality development, speaker coaching and leadership training. Highly recommended.

ashish gupta, organiser – tedxpune

Every session that I went through with Dipti was very appropraiate and crisp. Her expertise in the subjects is very thorough, which makes her understand her client’s needs well and also ensures to deliver only the best for them. Recommendations that she gives are very easy to understand. What I liked about Dipti is that she is very professionsal in her approach but at the same time she makes you feel comfortable during the sessions. I would highly recommend this consultation with Dipti to anyone who wants to look good and build up their confidence. Thanks Dipti, it was a wonderful learning experience. All the best for your endeavours!

rashmi pannikar, personal consultation

The guidance from the workshop will really help me in my career. The way Dipti is presenting and makes it interesting is what I liked best about the program.

A. kunjir, fig (frms) – fiserv

It was a new subject and the workshops attended so far were interesting and we were able to understand and learn more about the things which were not known. In order to have continuity of the subject we need to have at least two sessions in a week.

p. milave, general manager – fleetguard filters pvt. ltd.

I enrolled in an individual training program with Dipti Ma’am. It’s amazing how she’s able to connect to the core with the person she is training. She’s very humble and is very diligent. She explains everything so well and repeats till the person on the other side is able to understand well. It was a pleasure to learn from her.

bimal jana, finance manager – bentley systems

I had a great learning experience with Dipti. I get super anxious when on stage and Dipti helped me work on that very tactfully. Her calmness was a huge support. I also appreciate how she helped me be the way I am and further worked on my strengths. I highly recommend her services.

juhi sharma,speaker – tedxpune

I have had the pleasure to associate with Dipti on multiple occasions when we conducted joint workshops called “Life & Style”. Dipti is all about style and yet with the simplicity for anyone to connect with her, regardless of where they come from. Her clarity of thoughts, her articulation and her style of delivery is sophisticated and yet very relatable. Anyone who comes in touch with her feels encouraged and empowered and that is a hallmark of a great trainer and coach. Thank you for being around Dipti. Go and make an impact on thousands of people who need you!

dinesh shringarpure, partner – xcellence coaching institute

I got the reference from ICBI to attend Individual Training with Dipti Madam. It was very great experience to interact with her and it changed my life direction in a very positive and motivational way. I got a lot of value addition in myself in respect of body language, voice modulation and personality development. She has given me some tips that are really helpful to me in my professional as well as personal life. I wish her success in future assignments and keep it up!

ankush holkar, personal consultation

The training on grooming and etiquette was enjoyable and practical. Dipti could connect to the participants and she made sure that each one felt they had a takeaway from the training.

isha shah, hr manager – BDO India llp

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