Perceptions 360 runs group workshops in many topics some of which are shown below.

We are happy to run group workshops especially for specific groups and will tailor make the workshop for you – please contact us for more information.



Evolve, Enhance and Emerge as a more refined version of yourself and unleash your hidden potential to embrace the opportunities of life!

For transformation that goes beyond fitness, embark on a 3 month Fitness and Image program with Gold’s Gym and Perceptions 360 to start on your journey for an inside-out process of change of your appearance, behaviour, communication and fitness.
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 Dine & Diction

 We welcome you to a first of its kind Dining Etiquette and Voice Enhancement workshop in Pune.

 The way to eat and speak with people can make or break your first impression!


 Practical Dining Skills will cover:

American/Continental styles of dining

Different courses of a meal

Flatware, glassware & chopstick etiquette

Handling difficult foods

Do’s and don’ts at the table


Practical Voice Coaching Skills will cover:

Tools and techniques to deliver your message clearly

How to be respected and understood by your audience

Learning to sound interesting, pleasing and confident to your listener

Practical activities and exercises to enhance your speech pattern




Life & Style

Each and every person in this world has a tremendous capability inside him or her to achieve greatness in life.

Be it a professional, a homemaker or a student, there is humungous untapped potential lying within.

If everyone has this potential, then why is it that only a few people achieve the pinnacle of success or achieve greatness?

There are two very important components which are needed to achieve one’s true potential:

1. Life’s Success Principles

2. Projecting the Right Image

With this in mind, both internationally certified Life Coach Dinesh Shringarpure and Image Consultant Dipti Divekar have planned this unique workshop for people of all ages and backgrounds.


 Life’s Success Principles:

Goal setting and overcoming procrastination

Breaking through limiting beliefs

Emotional Intelligence

Handling Stress

Health and Fitness Secrets



Projecting the Right Image:

Dressing attractively and appropriately to yourself and the occasion

Choosing the right colours to wear

Projecting the perfect body language and etiquette

Voice modulation and communication styles




Design Your Life & Design Your Style


Style Trial

 A special workshop tailored for women, Style Trial gives you all the answers to looking and feeling your best!

Topics include:

Knowing you colours according to your personal colouring

Dressing as per your body shape and face shape

Wearing accessories like a pro

Curating your closet

How to mix and match your clothes

Take home your Style Fix Guide for styling tips and advice.




Etiquette Shala

 Bring out the best in your child! A unique workshop for kids aged 10 to 15 years.


Discover the art of building your confidence

Communicate with ease using effective voice modulation

Learn about social etiquette and body language

Tips on how to dress well

Nurturing the youth with Etiquette Shala!