BLOG 1 - Elements of Image (1)In today’s world a powerful first impression is so important to make sure the perception of

you is exactly how you want it to be. The way you are seen by others is due to a massive

number of factors ranging from the way you look visually, to how you interact with others,

and the way you speak and communicate. Whether the situation is professional or social –

your image is vital to your success.

It is true! Each and every person has a great capability to achieve success in life. Whether

you are a working professional, a homemaker or a student there is so much unused

potential lying within. How to discover and use it to your advantage is the biggest question.

After you have the education, knowledge and skills what is next? How do you reach that

goal you have always dreamed of? The answer lies the image you portray and having control

over it.

Projecting the right image by dressing attractively and appropriately to yourself and the

occasion gives you the confidence to feel positive about yourself. If you feel positive you will

behave in a positive manner. One cannot afford to feel awkward, shy or out of place

because of the way one looks. All this has an effect on how other people perceive you and

therefore how they will treat you. How to choose the right clothing shapes for your unique

body shape, choosing the right haircut and accessories for your face shape, and using

colours to your advantage according to your own personal colouring are some of the major

elements of creating a fabulous image. You can create your persona for each situation – do

you want to look authoritative, classic and capable, or friendly, youthful and energetic? How

you play with your clothing lines, shapes, colours, fabrics and patterns is a great tool for

knowing how to change your message. Make sure the perception of you is what you want it

to be!